Lex Luger Beats

By far, one of the leading producers in the Dirty South genre is currently Lex Luger. He has tons of major placements with the biggest artists in rap right now. His style of music is very unique and new to rap. Lex Luger beats normally contains the same type of sounds and patterns through out all of his productions.lex luger beats for sale

Some of the majors that Lex Luger has worked with include Rick Ross, Waka Flocka, Kayne West, Ace Hood, DJ Khaled and many more. Lots of producers right now are making lex luger beats for artists because it’s a very hot style and people love it. Making songs with lex luger beats is a good thing right now because it’s what’s hot.

Dirty south beats and music has been around for years but no one made it like Lex. The way he uses 808’s is very original. If you never heard a lex luger beat, the first one you hear will catch your attention!


It’s amazing to know that Lex uses FL Studio to produce some crazy instrumentals for major artists. Lots of people think producers need to use super advanced equipment to make good beats, but he shows that it’s not true.


Dirty South Beats

Some call this new style of dirty south beats ‘trap beats’. They are really popular right now. The main feature of a trap beat is the key change up after 4 or 8 bars. The entire key of the beat changes but the melody stays the same. It’s very cool and entertaining to listen to.

What will Lex Luger Beats sound like in the future?

It’s interesting to think about how Lex will switch his style up in the years to come.


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