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reggae beats for sale
Reggae music has a lot of in depth sub genres that all sound familiar but represent different styles and areas in Jamaica. The primary genre of reggae that would be played on the mainstream radio is Dancehall. Dancehall was introduced to Jamaica in the 70s and 80s and it is closely related to hip hop music. The primary differences of dancehall music to reggae beats is the drum beats and instrument selection.

The young generation is the main creators of all dancehall music now a days and that’s why its almost represented as young people music and music of the ghetto. Check out our new Reggae Beats For Sale. One drop is a style of reggae beats that is calm, soothing, positive and very world wide. This style of reggae is created by mainly Rastafarian people of Jamaica and has now become very popular in Europe. Germany has a lot of reggae fans and producers that have reggae beats for sale and made their mark in the music industry. Japan is also a very big reggae and dancehall country with 100s of sound systems based in Japan and producers with reggae beats for sale.

Some of hottest artist in Jamaica right now are Movado, Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel, Aidonia, Einstein, Chan Dizzy, Elephant Man, Busy Signal, Laden and Assassin. There is countless amount of other hot artists in Jamaica who are striving everyday to get their music out to the world. A few of the main producers who have hot reggae beats for sale include Stephen Di Genius, Seanizzle, Chimney Records, Equinoxx and Russian.

Blitz Beats has started to put out Reggae Beats For Sale for the serious artists. Roots & Culture is a dominant genre of music in the Country side of Jamaica. Jamaica’s Rastafarian community is the force that pushes this type of music. They talk a lot about beliefs of Jah, smoking, life in Jamaica and uplifting the youths stuck in the ghettos. Reggae beats. Rub A Dub, Lovers Rock and Dub are a few other subĀ genres of reggae beats. Each sub genre has it’s own main artists that primarily dominate in a certain genre. The most well known and loved genres are One Drop and Dancehall. Dub is one of the original genres that Reggae music comes from. Dub music goes back many years ago before majority of the sub genres existed. This style of music used heavy reverb on snares andĀ certain instruments. The melodies were very basic and the sound has a distinct pattern and flow that is easily identified. Dub is still created and listened to in this day and age, due to it being one of the originating genres, some of the original listeners still support it.

Check out our reggae beats for sale. Jamaica is known for having an abundance of ghettos in the capital city Kingston which is where majority of the reggae music is made now. This influences the music and the lyrics from artists heavily as they talk about life in the ghetto because a lot of them have lived it.

There has been only a few huge dancehall artists to blow up internationally and completely reach success. Some of these artists are Sean Paul, Shaggy, Shabba Ranks and Buju Banton. If you talk to many of the up and coming dancehall artists right now, they are almost guaranteed to say that Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks, Sean Paul and Shaggy are their mentors and they look up to them very much. Those 4 artists have played a huge roll in the dancehall music scene by putting it on the map and getting it world known in nearly every country in the world.

It’s very rare to find reggae beats for sale online because the internet is not a primary resource for reggae artists. Only a few websites online offer authentic dancehall and reggae beats for sale. You can sometimes come across a producer who says their beats are Dancehall, but really they are far from sounding like a real dancehall riddim. This is sometimes caused because Hip Hop and Dancehall share some major similarities.

The drum beat in Hip Hop is sometimes used in Dancehall now and Dancehall drums are used in Hip Hop and Club beats. Jamaica is such a popular country that once people listen to the music from Jamaica, it effects them heavily and producers tend to use styles and trends from what they hear and apply it to their own music creations.

reggae beats for sale

Blitz beats offers authentic hip hop beats and reggae beats for sale. The way the business works in the Reggae Market is completely different from the Hip Hop Market. In the urban scene, the music producer gets paid normally from the artist directly or the managing group for the artist. This is very common in other music genres as well.

In the reggae industry, producers have to pay the artists for them to record songs to their beats. This is what sets the two genres apart. This way of doing business is completely different. If a producer is very new in the industry and doesn’t have much money to invest on artists recording songs to their beats, they will have to settle for up and coming artists who don’t have big names and will be less likely to make a hit song. If a producer has a lot of money to invest on songs, they will definitely have the advantage of paying a hot artist in the spotlight to record hit songs and in return make a hit record worth $1000’s.

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